Future languages

[Andrew] A post with this name in A Thousand Tomorrows argues:

There are many ways in which language can be futurized: neologisms (futurespeak), subtle references to societal changes (e.g. mass migration leading to mixing of words and sounds, new technologies leading to different behaviours), different rhythm or length of sentences, new typographical signs, new ways of naming old things, etc.

It namechecks by way of example:

  1. Michael Winterbottom’s film Code 46.
  2. Dutch National Poet Ramsey Nasr’s poem ‘Mi have een droom’ (I have a dream), a poem set in Rotterdam in the year 2059, written in a future language.

About thenextwavefutures

Andrew Curry is a consultant who specialises in futures for The Futures Company, based in London. All views are personal, etc.

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